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Privacy Policy (EN)

Statement as per Legislative Decree 196/2003:
(Privacy Law)

Pursuant to art. 14 of the aforesaid decree we hereby inform you that your data are collected in our databases and subject to both digital and printed processing in compliance with the law as given above, fully respecting the obligations of confidentiality. As the data are collected and archived for legal and contractual obligations, no prior consent is required to their processing.

Please remember that while it is not compulsory for you to confer your data, they are however necessary to enable formalizing our agreement.

The data are processed by operators in our administration office who are specifically assigned and authorized for this, fully instructed into the regulations they must observe to guarantee the highest levels of security and confidentiality. The data are disclosed to the necessary authorized entities to satisfy the legal or contractual obligations. No data are disclosed abroad.

For any further information about the above and to exercise your rights to access, correction, opposition to the data processing and all other rights granted by art. 7 of the aforesaid law, you may contact La Cartomeccanica Imballaggi Srl – Privacy Contact – at the company’s address. The data processing manager is the company in its entirety.

Statement of Legislative Decree no. N . 196/2003
(Code for the protection of personal data)

La Cartomeccanica Imballaggi Srl, as data controller, informs you that: . Your personal data will be used to provide the services requested by you . The data that we collect are strictly necessary for the sole purpose of application and are used by paper and computer in accordance with regulations Privacy and Security .

In particular, your data will be stored by the Cartomeccanica Packaging Srl for a maximum period of five years from the time of the last request , and then the Company will ensure the safe destruction of the same. Information management is entrusted to those who have been in charge , authorized to do so , and instructed on the rules to be followed in order to ensure high levels of confidentiality. There is no disclosure or dissemination.

To get more insights on how and to exercise the rights of access, rectification , opposition to the treatment and the other rights recognized by law , you may contact La Cartomeccanica Imballaggi Srl at the company adress.

Taking note of the above, I hereby authorize the treatment of my personal data for the purposes required by La Cartomeccanica Imballaggi Srl.